2019 Independent Nominating Petitions


The documents listed on this page are for reference only. Filing of a document with the Erie County Board of Elections does not guarantee acceptable format for candidacy.

As a result the official list of candidates will be available after any objection and/or court proceedings have concluded.


County Office Candidate Party Date Filed
Councilmember – Delaware District Melanie A. McMahan Brighter Buffalo 5/28/2019
Councilmember – Ellicott District Michael Chapman 1 Cross Community 5/30/2019
Councilmember – Fillmore District Mohammed Jahangir Alam United Fillmore District 5/28/2019
Councilmember – Fillmore District David P. Howard Choice 5/30/2019
Councilmember – Lovejoy District Antionette T. Craig Lovejoy United 5 5/28/2019