2019 Buffalo School Board Petitions Filed


The documents listed on this page are for reference only. Filing of a document with the Erie County Board of Elections does not guarantee acceptable format for candidacy.

As a result the official list of candidates will be available after any objection and/or court proceedings have concluded.



Candidate District Date Filed
Lawrence L. Scott At Large 4/8/2019
Jack Kavanaugh At Large 4/9/2019
Jeffrey M. Conrad At Large 4/9/2019
Terrance L. Heard At Large 4/9/2019
Timothy J. Hartigan At Large 4/9/2019
Ann Rivera At Large 4/9/2019
Carolette Meadows At Large 4/9/2019
Desmond Nalls At Large 4/9/2019
Paulette Woods Central 4/8/2019
Patricia A. Elliott East 4/9/2019
Kathy Evans-Brown East 4/9/2019
Sharon M. Belton-Cottman Ferry 4/9/2019
Hope R. Jay North 4/4/2019
Hope R. Jay North 4/9/2019
Louis J. Petrucci Park 4/9/2019
Austin Harig Park 4/9/2019
Jennifer L. Mecozzi West 4/9/2019