Ballot Marking Instructions

1. Mark in pen, pencil, or by using AutoMARK Device.

2. To vote for a candidate whose name is printed on the ballot, fill in the voting oval above the name of the candidate.

3. Any other mark or writing, or any erasure made on this ballot outside the voting ovals or blank spaces provided for write-in may void the entire ballot.

4. To vote for a person whose name is not imprinted on the ballot, write the name and fill in the oval in the blank space which appears at the bottom of the column under the title of the office.

5. Do not overvote. If you select a greater number of candidates than there are vacancies to be filled, your ballot will be void for that public office or party position.

6. If you tear, deface, or wrongly mark the ballot, return it and obtain another. Do not attempt to correct mistakes on the ballot by making erasures or cross outs. Erasures or cross outs may invalidate all or part of your ballot. Prior to submitting your ballot, if you make a mistake in and complete a new ballot. You have the right to a replacement ballot upon return of the original ballot.